The milk powder dispenser that adapts directly to the baby bottle!

The kiddo’z is the first milk powder dispenser that adapts directly to existing baby bottles on the market.

By storing the formula powder hermetically and screwing it directly on the baby bottle, the kiddo’z allows you to “pre-prepare” your baby bottles in advance, and this from your baby’s birth.

Thus, you “pre-prepare” all your baby bottles, before going to bed or before going to the park. When the time to feed your baby arrives, a simple gesture will be enough to prepare the milk.

kiddo'z available soon !

kiddo'z is

Not only bisphenol A free but also bisphenol S and phthalates free.

Compatible with the baby bottles brand MAM.

Awarded at Lépine contest.

100% Made in France.


kiddo'z by kiddo

The kiddo’z allows you to prepare all you baby bottles once and for all. Thanks to our patented innovation, you will save time to take care of your baby and enables you to sleep longer!

The kiddo’z eliminates repeatedly preparations during the night and in a simple quarter twist of the dispenser will release the powder to prepare the milk formula in few seconds.

The kiddo’z gives you the opportunity to take your baby bottles ready wherever you want! In the park, at grandparents house, at your mother’s in law, in a coffee shop with your friends, you can feed your baby very easily without having to look for a place, neither to prepare the baby bottle, nor to feed the baby.

The kiddo’z also improves the hygiene conditions for baby feeding as it reduces the handling involved in the preparation of the baby bottles, especially when you are out of home.

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Check out the kiddo’z at the MAM’ADVISOR awards !
Check out the kiddo’z at the MAM’ADVISOR awards !

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